Guided Math {Chapter Nine}

I want to begin my final *insert frown*Guided Math Book Study post with an extremely grateful,


When I began this book study, I never imagined the opportunities and connections that I would make along the way.  Throughout this book study, I have been privileged to chat with many teachers about different chapters, questions, or brainstorming solutions to classroom problems related to Guided Math.  It has been such an amazing experience.  I am also secretly hoping that you are reading this post and feeling a little bummed that the book is complete.  Yet I also hope that you are totally pumped and prepared to start implementing it into your classroom. 

I wish I could pick my favorite “take away” from this book but it is nearly impossible, so I’ll just give a few really broad statements.  I love how implementing Guided Math allows for flexibility and differentiation.  I love it incorporates a place for all levels of instruction, such as whole group, small group, and individually.  I love how it encourages students to work independently and become responsible for their own learning.  What more could we ask for?!?!

Lastly, what I love about this book study are the communities of teachers who are voluntarily coming together for the sake of bettering their mathematical instruction.  I have had so many teachers send emails or message me saying that they forward on my blog posts to their friends and staff members each week.  One follower said that her and her grade level teachers meet for lunch every Thursday afternoon to discuss the chapter of that particular week and make plans for how to implement it.  How amazing and really puts the pressure on!  Keep at it, ladies!  I’ll look forward to your messages as you sit and talk at Panera this afternoon and I expect updates along the way! :)

How do you share new information with your colleagues?

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