Making the Most of a TpT Sale!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE TpT Sales.  Well, I'll be honest, I love most sales!  And when that sale is on TpT, even better!  I can't wait to stock up on things that I have been eyeballing.  And let me tell you, I've gotten pretty good at stocking up while saving a few bucks.  Today, as TpT Sellers are preparing their stores for a sale, I want to share a few tips that will help YOU prepare for a sale.  I know, I know....what do I mean YOU have to prepare?  Well, think of the times that you go grocery shopping with coupons, Black Friday shopping, or any other time where you need to make the most of your budget.  It takes a little preparation and planning to make sure that you get the MOST bang for your buck.

Tip 1: Earn TpT Credits
Recently, I told a colleague, "My addiction to buy on TpT is paying off!  I was able to use my TpT Credits to snag a fairly pricey product for just $2.00."  Her reply was, "Wait?  What?!?!  What are TpT Credits?"  Did you know that for every dollar that you spend on TpT, you can earn TpT credits to use on future purchases?  Each dollar equates to one credit earned.  For every twenty credits you accumulate, you will earn $1.00 worth of credit on upcoming purchases.  You can use these at any time however, when they are paired with a fabulous sale, you can really save big!  Here’s how—

On the TeachersPayTeachers home page, click “My TpT” and then select the option “My Purchases”.

You will then see all of your TpT Purchases.  Click “Provide Feedback” next to the thumbs up. 

On this screen, you will rate the product that you purchased as well as leave a comment about the product.  Remember, that feedback should be honest; however this is not the place to address typographical errors or things that you may have disliked that were clearly displayed in the preview.

After you have left feedback, you will see that the “Provide Feedback” section has now turned into a statement thanking you for your feedback.  This indicates that your credits have been applied and you may move on to the next product.  If I am in love with a product or style of the seller that I purchased from, I make sure that I click on “Follow Me” next to the star.  This will also allow you to receive updates from them on the homepage as well as have them included in my daily email updates.

After you have completed your feedback, you may want to know the total number of credits that you have accumulated.  To do so, click on "My TpT" and find “TpT Credit Balance” to view your TpT Credits that you have earned and used.  
Now, you may have to do a little math, but I think you’ll be able to handle it.  By clicking on the TpT Credits Earned link, you will be able to see the total number of credits that you have accumulated.  By clicking the TpT Credits Used, you can view the total number of credits that you have used.  By subtracting these two numbers, you can see the number of credits that you still have to use.  Remember that twenty credits earned equal $1.00 for you to spend on the site!

Now that you have cashed in on your TpT Credits by leaving great feedback, you'll need to know how to use them at check out!  When you are finishing up your transaction, simply click on "Redeem TpT Credits".  This will also tell you how many credits you have to use.  You must use a minimum of 20 credits, however you can choose to use all or only a portion of your available credits.

Tip 2: Create a Wish List
So it's Monday, the sale is only on Wednesday.  What happens if you have one of those insane days where you don't even know what your name is?  You know the kind I'm talking about.  Everything goes wrong.  You run, run, run all-day and still, nothing gets accomplished.  I always try to create my wish list ahead of time.  I may not purchase everything on my list and sometimes I purchase last minute things that are not on my list.  Either way, I am guaranteed to remember the random things that I have been drooling over...even if I do only have 5 minutes of free time at 11:55 PM on Wednesday night to check out.  

When you are browsing TpT products and you find something that you would like to purchase, simply click “Add to Wish List” rather than "Add One to Cart". 

To access your wish list, go to the TeachersPayTeachers homepage, and click on “My Wish List” to see the products that you have added to your wish list.  You can also view your wish list by using the "Cart" tab.

While viewing your wish list, you can add items directly to your cart when you are ready to check out by clicking "Move to Cart".

Tip 3: Multiple Check Outs
Now that I've let you in on the TpT Credit secret, you can now use this to your advantage!  Who says you can only check out ONE time?  Many times, I leave feedback to all of the amazing teacher-authors that I have purchased from.  Then, buy a portion of my wish listed items during the sale.  You may have to do a little math to maximize your savings.  Next, comes the important part, go leave feedback on the items that you just purchased.  This will earn you more TpT Credits.  And last but not least, go back and finish off your wish list by using ALL of your TpT Credits.  By checking out multiple times, you allow yourself to cash in on those TpT Credits that would otherwise just be hanging out until you decide to use them.  Depending on what your drooling over, you might want to use this method to purchase things such as bundles or year-long items that tend to be more expensive but are absolutely worth the price...especially when you can grab a them at a good deal!  Or flip that idea and use the credits from a larger product to earn credits for small items!  :)

Tip 4: Scope Out Your Favs
When you follow stores on TpT, did you realize that you are able to view your favorite sellers in one simple list?  Why is this important to do at sale time?  Well, have you ever noticed a product from someone and forgotten who posted it?  Have you ever adored nearly an entire store and then forgot who it was?  If you follow their stores, you can use this list to go through and browse through their stores between now and Wednesday.  As you find things that you think would be good fits for your classroom, add them to your cart or wish list.  When the sale launches, you will be ready to check out!  Here's how to access your favorite seller list--

Under "My TpT", choose "My Favorite Sellers".  

You can easily click on the seller's name, in green, to check out their store.  I always do this and end up finding too many products that I have missed at some point.  It always makes me spend more money.....wait, maybe you don't want to know about this feature!

Tip 5: Don't Forget the Promo
Do you know how many times I have checked out during a sale and forgot to use the promo code?  Let me explain how these sales work so that you realize the importance of using the promo code.  Each TpT store can discount their store from 5% to 20%.  This allows you to grab a $10.00 product for as low as $8.00.  TpT then offers the promo code for an ADDITIONAL 10% off of the discounted price.  Meaning, your final cost of the $10.00 product would be $7.20!  Pair that with a few TpT Credits and life is GOOD!  How do you use a promo code, you ask?

When you are ready to check out, click "Apply Promo Code".  Then, type in the promo code provided for that particular TpT Sale.  Your 10% discount will be added to your purchase after clicking "Apply".  Who doesn't love a promo code?!?

Now, are you ready to shop?  My wish list is still a work in progress; however I have provided feedback on all of my purchases!  Below is a link up to fantastic stores ranging from grades K-6.  Be sure to check out their stores and discover the amazing talent and resources available.  

Enjoy maximizing your TpT sale!!! :)


  1. Great job on this post. Super helpful info. I always check out more than once anyway...always decide to go back for more! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids

    1. Me too! It isn't always for saving money....more that I discover new things that I NEED! :)

  2. Great post Amanda!!! So helpful for sellers and non-sellers! :)

    For a Love of Teaching

    1. Thank you! I thought it would be helpful to so many people, regardless of how active you are on TpT. :)

  3. Amanda - I love the tip about splitting up purchases to take advantage of those TPT credits. Very helpful!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    The Take Home Teacher

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I hope it helps you grab a few more things for your classroom. :)

  4. ok..thought I had it figured out but you just taught this old teacher a new trick... thanks for your posting!!

    1. Yay! Mission accomplished!!! :) Glad I could help.

  5. Sooooo I totally just checked out and forgot to use the code!! I was way too excited! :) Do you know if they will honor the code after purchase? Thanks!