Quotients as Fractions, Decimals, and Remainders!

Each year of teaching is a live and learn process, right?  Last year, when I taught my students how to express quotients as fractions, decimals, and remainders, I taught them one by one.  When we would work on division of whole numbers, I would have them write quotients as remainders.  Soon after, we would cover decimals.  We would have to back peddle a little to discuss writing remainders as decimals.  And finally, I would teach them how to write quotients as fractions during our fraction unit.

This year, I felt like I could do this in a more effective manner.  My method?  Bombard and practice!  I'm excited to say that it worked!

After watching their flipped classroom math video, they were ready to practice!  I gave each student in my room a task card and three post it notes.  I asked them to solve their problem and write their answer as a fraction on one post it, a decimal on another, and finally as a remainder on the last post it note.  

Then, I asked the students to place their post it notes around the room on various posters, one for answers as a fraction, another for decimal answers, and the last poster for simple remainders.  

After their post it notes were placed on the correct posters, the students moved around the room to check the problems on each poster.

They enjoyed working out a problem and then moving around the room to check it on each poster!

I loved that there were only a few errors and you KNOW the kids jumped at the chance to find and correct them!

I have math task cards for nearly every skill that I teach throughout the school year!  Click the image above to see all of my math task cards.

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