Exploring Volume: A FREE Hands-On Activity

I feel like I've been filling my blog with so many geometry activities lately, and today will be no exception.  #sorrynotsorry  This is seriously one of my favorite units.  This week, we were finally ready to dive into three-dimensional objects!

I partnered up my students, passed out a handful of blocks, and gave them a shape to cut out.  Even though we were working in groups of two, we all had the same shape.  I wanted to explore what volume was, and how to calculate it with a common example.

After filling their shape with cubes, I asked them to talk with their partner about a possible formula.  My students were excited to create their own formula, versus just being told the formula.  I love this strategy, because I think they remember the formula later down the road.

After they had a possible formula, I passed out a sheet of grid paper.  I asked them to create their own shape.  After cutting out their shapes, I asked them to fill their shape with blocks, and TEST their formula.  We had major light bulb moments here!!!!  I had one group that thought that the formula was
V = l x w x 2.  
When this group created their own example, they discovered that their formula was incorrect.  I LOVED hearing them discover and explain why their first formula wasn't correct.

After everyone had the opportunity to create their own shapes, I numbered them, and hid them around the room.

Then, we hunted the room to find each shape and calculate the volume! :)

 You can grab the grid paper and example foldable by clicking the image above!

I always practice and work in small groups after an activity like this with task cards!  You can find my Volume Task Cards by clicking the image above!

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