Candy Canes and Cookies: Holiday Treats in the Classroom

I don't know about you, but the holiday season is TIGHT on the budget.  I am always looking for ways to win over my kids without spending a small fortune.  At our school, our students have 1:1 iPads.  My husband said and his fellow fourth grade teaching partner always gave their students an iPad game for Christmas.  I really loved this idea, because it allowed me to spend this money on snacks and activities for our holiday party.

Last year, I created these coupon books for my teaching partner and I to give to our students.  They were a HIT!

We decided to load it up with all of the most popular passes that we allow our students to buy using classroom tickets.  We select five popular games {all are FREE}, and have the students select ONE game.  Then our tech team adds it to their iPad!

The kids also LOVE the Line Leader Pass!!!  You would think we had just handed them a fist full of money! <3

You can grab your own coupon books by clicking the image above!  You can use the passes that I created, or use the blank template to create your own.  :)

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