Totally Random!: A Free and Engaging Math Review Game

Over Christmas Break, I was searching Pinterest for a few ways to really spice up my test prep.  While searching, I found this crazy, silly game called Stinky Feet from Teaching in the Fast Lane.  I absolutely loved the concept, and I knew that I had to use it in my classroom.

I really loved the idea, but I had a few twists to keep things totally random!  When my students walked in from recess, they found THIS, and they were ready to play!

During the week before state testing, we were reviewing decimal computation.  I split my class into teams of four.  Then, I would display a problem and give them a minute or so to complete it as a team.  

When their time was up, one student from each team would come up to my iPad to place a finger on the screen.  Using the app Chwazi, my students would be randomly selected to share their answer.  My students really loved this app.  They insisted that there was a pattern to its selections, but they sure couldn't figure out how to cheat it!

After the Chwazi app randomly selected a team, the team would share their answer.  If their answer was correct, they would get to choose a Post-It note from the board.  Written in pencil (because markers bled through) on the back of the Post-It note, they found a point value.  Some of the point values were positive while others were negative.  This added another random element to the game!

We had a BLAST playing this game!  It was extremely fun to play because correct answers and being selected by the Chwazi app were not always good things.  It was a game of pure luck and was TOTALLY RANDOM! :)

If you would like to play this game with your students, you can grab a Power Point template by clicking the image above.  You'll need this, the Chwazi app, and a few Post-It Notes! :)

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