Visualizing Tubes: A Free Activity for Introducing Visualization

This year, I've been working to integrate multiple subjects into our daily activities.  Today, I want to quickly share a fun activity that is perfect for both reading and writing.  Our reading strategy this week is visualization, and we began writing personal narratives last week.  I wanted an activity that would introduce visualization, yet give my students a chance to enhance their writing.  

I placed a bag in each corner of my classroom and divided my students into four random groups.  Each group pulled out their object and used their visualizing tubes to really scope out the mystery object inside their bag.  They used the graphic organizer to describe how the object looked, tasted, felt, smelled, and sounded.  

After several minutes, we all returned to our seats and took turns describing each of the objects.  While each group shared their description, the students at their seats were attempting to draw what was being described aloud.  

Some of their visualizations were spot on {number two was the sand paper block}, while others were way off {number one should have been a scarf}.  

During the last part of the activity, I allowed each student to wonder the room and secretly check out each item.  It was their job to attempt to describe the object BETTER than the original group.  The challenge was totally accepted by all! They were using similies and incredible adjectives to do a better job of describing the objects in each bag.

This was my favorite picture from today's activity!  I was seriously wondering if I was crazy to ALLOW my kids to roll up a piece of paper and use it as a telescope, but it seriously worked to my advantage today. 


  1. Great idea! Thanks...your newest follower!

  2. this is really a nice activity to get the kids learn faster and on top of that, super creative. i am new to teaching kids and your blog seems to lift up my spirits on so many levels. i really want to put my heart into it now