Fruit Snacks and Task Cards: A Free Math Game

Do you ever teach new skills and feel like your kids are doing amazing, only to circle back to them and realize that your kids don't "have it" like you thought they did?  That was me about a week ago.  My kids were doing great in small chunks, but their long-term retention wasn't quite there.  I wanted to slow down and spend a week just reviewing!  I just didn't feel comfortable moving on.  So, I tossed my regular routine just a bit, and we reviewed using games and activities that covered many skills.

By Friday, they were finally to the point where I felt like they were on the right track.  They may make silly mistakes here and there, but overall, they were doing great.  So, I grabbed a few boxes of fruit snacks from Walmart, and I was ready to engage my students in a fun review activity.

I prepared a basket for each table in my classroom.  I used colored paper that coordinated with each of the fruit snack colors.  I printed a set of task cards on each color.  For example, I printed adding mixed numbers on red paper, subtracting mixed numbers on green paper, and so on.  Each color had its own fractional skill that we had reviewed throughout the week.

Then, I passed out a pack of fruit snacks to each student.  It was their job to open their fruit snacks, sort their colors, and work out a problem that matched each fruit snack.  After they completed the problem, they could eat the fruit snack and move on to the next problem.

In the end, most students worked out 8-9 problems, depending on their fruit snack packet.  My kids found it hilarious that they might have four of one color and only one of another.  Someone else at their table might have several of a completely different color.  It made each student's work unique and engaging.  It was definitely a fun way to review!

You could use this activity with fruit snacks like I did or any other candy that you'd like.  I have recording pages for both!  Grab them for free by clicking the picture above! :)

I have math task cards for nearly every skill that I teach throughout the school year!  Click the image above to see all of my math task cards.


  1. This is such a fun idea! I'd love to know what other games and such you played :) My kiddos are having the hardest time remembering the rules for multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions, and thrown in negatives? Oh boy haha. So any help would be welcome!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

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