Facebook Groups that Every Teacher Needs to Check Out

I seriously might be a little addicted to Facebook groups. I love browsing them on Saturday or Sunday mornings as I'm relaxing. I love to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms; whether that be new ways to use technology, new games to play during centers, or new ideas for managing behavior. I also love being able to ask questions and have great ideas and answers within a few hours. In a way, Facebook groups have become an excellent source of inspiration and motivation for me.

As I was browsing a particular Facebook group last night, I noticed that many people were posting asking if there were similar groups because they were changing grade levels. I wanted to create a post where I could share several Facebook groups for each grade level, content area, and passion that I could find!

The Reading Roundup

This Facebook group is all about READING! I loved reading over the ideas for motivating readers, apps to use for teaching and practicing reading, and interventions for struggling readers. This is a small group that is ready for members to share their reading successes! :)

The PreK Spot

In my opinion, Preschool blogs and resources are rare. This Facebook group has almost 9,000 members who share their ideas and PreK knowledge. Some of their most recent posts include tips for working with and utilizing a classroom aide, organizing community supplies, routines for calendar, and so much more! 

Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers

This group has over 17,000 second grade teachers and is growing daily! I'll be honest, I spent forever reading through the questions from so many teachers. After a while, I noticed that I had only read posts from the last twenty-four hours. THAT is how many people are actively posting, sharing, commenting, and helping one another in this group! AMAZING! They share pictures of their awesome purchases from Michaels and Target to feed their planner, flexible seating, and storage addictions...which we all know that other teachers NEED to see. ;)

Second is the Best

This group is best for second grade teachers! Leigh from The Applicious Teacher shares the most timely posts. If it's Valentine's Day, you can bet she is sharing a great activity for you! Earth Day? She's sharin' it! She also has giveaways and articles about popular topics.

Not So Wimpy 3rd Grade Teachers

This is the perfect group for anyone teaching third grade. Group members ask questions about all subject areas, integrating technology, STEAM, help with a new reading series, and so much more! This is one of the most active groups that I've been a part of. I really enjoy the ideas and questions that these members share! 

Second Story Window

This group is for teachers in grades K-3. Their hot topics at the moment are professional development books, information and opinions about Journeys and Wonders, and so much information about word study and vocabulary! Be sure to check this group out if you teach lower elementary. 

Upper Elementary Ideas, Resources, and Collaboration

This is a very active group with a little over 5,000 teachers in upper elementary. I love reading questions from members about upper elementary book clubs, novel studies, managing behavior, and great professional development books to read for teaching grades 3-6.

Planning & Implementing Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is something that is dominating education right now, but it is often hard to know where to begin or find new ideas. In this group you'll be able to join in on Live trainings, Live Q&As, make connections with teachers in the same grade level or content area, and several great posts full of project ideas!

21st Century Science Teachers Community

This group is designed to help bring together science teachers! The teachers in this group have shared their fabulous classroom pictures, experiments, technology integrations, and their ideas for working with high achieving students. 

Dabbling with Speech Fun

Are you and SLP? You NEED to join this group! I am not an SLP, but as I browsed this group in order to write this post, I was so intrigued by the posts and questions. You'll find blog posts about speech therapy tools, weekly giveaways, speech games, and some pretty hilarious memes! 

Keeping Up with All Learners

Megan from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris just started a new group for all things RTI, Special Education, and 504s. Be sure to join her group and ask a question! 

We Love Inclusive Classrooms

After asking my fellow teaching friends if they had Facebook groups for various grade and subject areas, I noticed that NO ONE had shared a group designed for discussing inclusion. So...I created it myself! This group is brand new and I hope it grows quickly. This group is for both general education and special education teachers to share ideas and strategies all about inclusion. If you have or work in an inclusive classroom, I encourage you to join and ask or answer a question! 

New Teachers Unite

Being a new teacher is HARD! It's great to have a community of new teachers to unite and help one another through the challenges of the first few years. Here, you'll find posts from teachers who have had a rough week, need help implementing classroom procedures, planning ahead for your first year, and dealing with students who are disrupting the class. What questions do you have? This would be the perfect place to ask!

If you decide to join a Facebook group or two, be sure to follow the rules of the group. In most groups, there is a pinned post that contains what is allowed and what is frowned upon. 


  1. This is great list of new groups I am excited to join! Thank you for including The Reading Roundup on your list as we are a new group looking to grow. Thanks for sharing! ~Melissa

  2. Thank you for including our group, Second Story Window! This is a great list.