Teaching Multiple Meaning Words: A Free Activity

This year, my teaching partner and I are switching things up....like a LOT!  Last year, I taught math, science, and social studies.  I had a fabulous year but really missed teaching reading.  With a few other changes in our building, collaborating together seemed like the best fit for us!  Luckily, we work well together and are usually on the same page with everything.

Last week, we were working on multiple meaning words.  By the fifth grade, I feel that most students know many of these words but need a little refresher!

To refresh them, I created a simple center activity for practicing and realizing various multiple meaning words.  At one of their reading centers, I had eighteen word cards that each had multiple meanings.  On the recording page, they were to select four words and illustrate both meanings.

We discussed that often times, multiple meaning words have a "noun meaning" and a "verb meaning" such as the work duck.  My kids this year LOVE to draw.  Anytime I can involve illustrating their thinking, they are IN! :)

You can grab this simple, fun activity for FREE by clicking the image above.  :)

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