Planbook.com: Templates for Faster, Easier Lesson Planning

I'll begin with a confession; I am a total Type A kinda girl.  I like to have everything planned to a T.  I like everything to be organized.  I am a complete and total perfectionist.  And most of all, I like routine.  Shew, that was rough!  But hey, that's just me.  :)

When it comes to planning, I have always been a "template person".  At the beginning of the year, I always outline my day in a template format.  Then, when it comes time to write lesson plans, I just start plugging in my daily activities.

Last year, I switch from paper-pencil plans to planbook.com.  Oh. My. Goodness.  How did I live before planbook?!  If you aren't a current planbook user, stop reading and go sign up NOW!  Seriously.

Once you have logged in, you will need to click Go To.  Then, Templates.

Click Add Template.

Select the class in which you would like to create a template.

You can choose to apply your template to everyday or just particular days of the week.

Is this a template for the lesson?  Homework?  Notes?  Select what applies to the template you are creating.

Add in the text that you would like to appear in your template.  You can edit the fonts or sizes of the text that you insert.  I typically add the weekly "routine" portion in bold text.  For example, at this time each week, I'll be teaching a comprehension strategy.

I create templates for EVERYTHING!  I create them for my Reading Centers, so I don't forget to have an activity ready.  I also add them for my Mentor Sentences, where each day we do a different activity with our sentence.

Once you have entered your templates(s), click Go To.  Then, Plans.

When you are actually ready to plan, click the colored heading for the subject of your choice.  In this example, I am going to click on Mentor Sentences on Tuesday.

The template has the word "Book" that I remove and replace with the title of the book.  The words below vary the the day of the week, and are included in the template to save me time! :)

Aaaannnd, voila!  My lesson plans are complete and ready to go.  From time to time, I find myself changing my templates to better suit new schedules, routines, or ideas that I have.  This also helps me from forgetting to prep centers or mini lessons!  :)

How do you do your weekly lesson plans? :)


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