Plot Activity: FREE Vocabulary Cards for Graphic Organizer

My students and I have been reading the book Ungifted over the last several weeks.  It is an absolutely PERFECT read aloud for fifth-grade students.  It has allowed me to teach so many reading skills in one text, plus my kids fell in love with the main character.  Now that we are finished, I wanted to review and discuss the vocabulary terms and identify the parts of the story that represented each term.  

When my students walked in this morning, they found yarn taped to the wall in a funny shape.  Their responses sounded something like this, "Whoa!  What are we doing in math today?!"  When I told them it was for reading, they were completely mind blown.  (A sad side note....we've already talked about this so far this year.  AHHH!)  

When it was time to begin the activity, it was their turn to create the same plot structure on the floor that I had created on the wall.  With Post-It notes, yarn, and a little tape, they combed back through the book to determine which parts of the story best fit the plot structure.  

After each group had created their own structure, I wanted to bring it all together as a class.  As we discussed, a member of each group added their Post-It note to our class structure.  

With each group's ideas represented, we were able to really dive into a good discussion about why some answers better represented each portion of the plot structure.  I use graphic organizers often, but this life-size graphic organizer was the perfect hook for my kids today!

You can grab these vocabulary cards for free by clicking the image above!